cropYou are reading this because you care about educating our children.  So do I.

That’s why I’ve thrown my hat – yes, that hat —  into the District 5 School Board race.

When my daughter – an eighth-grader at Skinner- was in second grade, my wife Donna and I stepped up our “parent engagement.”  We joined other parents in a time consuming, challenging but eventually successful effort to help a gifted principal turn-around Skinner Middle School.  Skinner was then overlooked by too many of my neighbors, who sent their kids to private or charter schools – many across town.

Today, there is a waiting list to enroll in Skinner.  Today, Skinner thrives because of strong school leadership, dedicated classroom teachers, engaged parents, a curriculum and after school activities that meet the needs of its diverse students.

I believed then and I believe now that neighborhood schools bind our community together.  School choice is great if everyone gets their first choice, otherwise the choice process is really a lottery of our children’s future.  Some of our neighbors must rely on schools that are close to home, leaving these families without a good choice. We can and must do better.

I know first-hand that there is no quick fix to improve our neighborhood schools.  It takes all of us rolling up our sleeves and working together to make sure all our children have the opportunity of a great education.  And I’m confident that Denver’s taxpayers will be generous with our schools if they see the results.

I don’t have all the answers.  That’s why we must work together for all our kids.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about me, sign up for email updates from the campaign, or share your thoughts about improving our schools across the district.

Thank you — I hope to earn your support.